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Welcome to our Buddhist Community in New Jersey

   Mahamevnawa Buddhist Meditation Center invite you to learn and practice the authentic Teachings of the Buddha with us, to experience a calm respite from the stress and turmoil of the modern world while drinking deep from timeless wisdom. Our community of monks, members of the Theravada tradition trained in the ancient scriptures of the Pali Canon, can assist you in providing meditation instructions as well as elucidating the Buddha’s unique path toward liberation. Mahamevnawa Meditation Center of NJ provides an environment where those new to Buddhism as well as experienced practitioners can associate together with like-minded friends interested in higher mental development. Our community welcomes anyone seeking inner peace, happiness, and tranquility. Never been here before? Find out what to expect.

Theravada Buddhism

       We are part of the oldest living Buddhist tradition in the world, Theravada. The teachings come from the Buddha named Sidhartha Gautama, often referred to as the historical Buddha. He was born in India over 2,500 years ago and discovered not only the cause of suffering in the world but the way to completely eliminate all forms of suffering, large and small. Because this teaching was available to everyone with a sincere interest to practice it, a group of enlightened disciples formed around him, known as the Noble Sangha. The teachings of the Buddha, the Dharma, have been preserved in a collection known as the Pali Canon or Sutta Pitaka. This is the most accurate record of what the Buddha and his enlightened disciples taught. Fortunately, these texts have been translated into very modern, easy to understand English so we can explore them for ourselves.  Read More>>

Dhamma Programs

We are hosting free Dhamma programs in order to develop our knowledge and practice of the Buddha’s teachings. Participating in these programs helps us to develop wholesome qualities which lead to true happiness

Meditation Meetup

This meditation group is good for anyone interested in practicing meditation, mindfulness and learning the teachings of the Buddha. You are welcome to join us and develop your mind.

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Youth Dhamma Program

This program focuses on developing the wisdom everyone needs in order to build a compassionate, fulfilled life while acknowledging the demands, and temptations of today’s young adults.

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Sinhala Dhamma Program

Sinhala Dhamma and Meditation programs will be held every month for anyone interested in practicing meditation and learning the teachings of the Buddha. You are welcome to join us and develop your mind.

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Children’s Program

Our program focuses on the development of love and compassion for all beings, as well as simple meditation. The goal is to help children develop the foundation of a mindful and successful life.

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Featured Events & Updates

Charitable Activities & Services

Mahamevnawa Buddhist Meditation Center of New Jersey sponsors various charitable programs and Services to support the needy in our local and international communities

Blood drive

The blood donating campaign which was organized for the consecutive 4th year held at MBMNJ on the 18th September in collaboration with the American Red Cross blood service successfully took place with the participation of many donors.

All the merits earned by this great event may equally be shared with all the donors & their family members, devotees who helped to make it a success and the staff of American red cross blood service. With the immense blessings of noble Triple Gem may they be well, happy and have a long life and may all of us have the opportunity to realize four noble truths in this Gauthama Buddha’s dispensation.

Charitable Activities

Mahamevnawa Buddhist Meditation Center of New Jersey sponsors various charitable programs and events to support the needy in our local and international communities

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The monastic community at Mahamevnawa Buddhist Meditation Center of New Jersey, in keeping with the tradition established by the Buddha, offers spiritual support to the community out of compassion.

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