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We Are Here For You

The Buddha designed a spiritual relationship of mutual support for his monastic and lay followers. There are many ways that monks provide for the spiritual life of lay people in addition to teaching during scheduled activities. The monks are available as spiritual guides for the laity, instructing on matters such as moral conduct in daily life; how to develop and maintain a successful family life; how to raise children to be virtuous; and the way to develop inner peace.

All of these services are provided at no charge. If you are interested, please contact us.

Meditation Advice

Want to learn meditation but not sure where to start? Have any questions? Monks are available to offer free meditation advice.

Spiritual Counseling

Monks are always available to provide spiritual guidance to people wishing to apply the Buddha’s teachings to their daily lives.

Medical Visitations

Monks are available to visit patients in the hospital or at home to provide spiritual encouragement during times of sickness.

House Blessings

Many people appreciate the presence of monks while going through transitions in life. Monks are available to visit when moving to a new home, thereby providing an auspicious presence during this time.

Marriage Blessings

Monks don’t provide wedding services, but they are able to provide counseling and blessings to couples.

Expectant Parents Blessings

Taking on the responsibilities of parenthood is a major commitment, and choosing to raise a child within an ethical and spiritual teaching meaningfully enriches that commitment.